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Database Professional life made easier with SQL Server 2016 - Query Store and LQS
The DBA always faces challenges in troubleshooting live performance issues. In SQL Server 2016, two new features are introduced to help a DBA to be more productive. The Query Store is a feature that will help in visualizing what is happening with your executing queries, which otherwise is hard to collect with DMVs. The UI rich interface makes it easier to troubleshoot live scenarios as well as collect data for troubleshooting. The magic just does not end with watching but actually using this to play around with execution plans. Have you ever felt a need to see the execution plan when executing a query while troubleshooting? Live Query Statistics helps you view the live execution plan rather than waiting till end of the execution of query to see the execution plan. You will never have to wait again to say where your query execution is hurting.

Speaker: manohar punna
Manohar Punna is an SQL Geek and vice president of SQLServerGeeks by passion and a Senior SQL DBA by profession. He is a speaker at various SQL Server Day events and at SQLBits XIV conference. He has authored over 100 blogs and has written a One DMV a Day series which is a longest one day series on any topic on SQL Server.

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